Executive Summary

Groforte Edge Ltd envisions an African continent that is free from hunger. Hence, our mission is to create shared prosperity through sustainable food production, processing, technology and distribution in Africa.
To achieve this, we have recently acquired an 80 hectare farmland, for the first phase of our Maize cultivation.

Very importantly, our maize production process promises a 70%-85% reduction in aflatoxin content of the maize; a naturally occurring cancer-promoting substance found in Maize. To this end, we are seeking short-term financial investment from interested investors. Our total cash call for the product is four million naira (₦4,000,000) divisible into ₦100,000 investment per hectare, with a ROI of 30% over 6 months. This brief presentation provides the necessary details for potential investors.

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Quick Facts

To an average Nigerian, maize needs no introduction as its various species become an integral aspect of our diet due to its richness in minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and little amount of protein.
Maize is the global leading cereal in terms of production. It is one of the three leading global cereals that feeds the world, dominating human diets and providing at least 30% of the food calories of more than 4.5 billion people globally.

The increasing demand for maize and its global advance implies that by 2023, maize will account fr the greatest share (34%) of the total crop area harvested.
This poses particular challenges to the global capacity to sustainably supply the volumes of maize needed-particularly in low and middle-income countries. Global population will increase from nearly 7 billion to 8 billion by 2030, and probably to over 9 billion by 2050. This will consequently lead to an increasing demand for maize, especially due to rising income levels and a growing urbanized population that eats an increasingly diversified diet, leading to increase and change the demand for food and feed.



The need to plug into maize production value chain, as a way to support the production of food for the rapidly increasing population of our country is not just expedient for sustainable food production for Nigeria, but also presents a unique investment opportunity. More so because of our heavy dependence of our staple foods on Maize.

Currently, Groforte Edge Ltd has acquired, on lease, an 80 hectares (200 acres) farmland in Ogbomoso town, Nigeria for the purpose of cultivating high breed, aflatoxin-free maize. Aflatoxin, a naturally occurring substance in Maize, has been found to promote cancer in people. Hence, Aflatoxin-free Maize have better market value, especially for industrial buyers.

Consequently, we will be cultivating Aflatoxin-free Maize that have high demand for industrial use. The farmland is now being ploughed and we estimate planting to commence by beginning of July.


Project Funding

To run the project successfully, we are seeking a total investment of ₦4,000,000 from interested individuals. The unit of investment per hectare, at ₦100,000 per hectare.

The investment is for a period of 6 months from July to December, 2020, covering 5 stages of the project.

The investment of ₦100,000 per hectare covers every aspect of cultivation, including the following:

  1. Land Preparation.
  2. Planting.
  3. Insurance.
  4. Manure and fertilizer.
  5. Farm Maintenance, management and security.
  6. Harvest, drying and selling.

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Maize Project Timeline


Stage 1

Land Acquisition & Contracting;
Off-takers agreement, Survey & Team Preparation;
Investors Engagement.


Stage 2

Land Preparation;
Ploughing, Manuring;
Farm Input Procurement;
Farm Infrastructure;
Planting & Insurance.


Stage 3

Farm Maintenance:
Weeding, Irrigation,
Fertilizer Application & Management.


Stage 4

Harvest: Harvesting, Drying & Bagging.


Stage 5

Off take of dried Maize:
ROI to Investors.

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